H aving heart is most important on
E arth.
A m I dying or living?
R elive, reborn, regrow and redie again.
T he time changes every second of you breath.

S top wasting your life.
T ime to plan something in your farm.
O wn your food from your farm for next life.
M ake a movement with your thought,
A nd leave your child’s life.
C ome and follow your parents footprints.
H old your breath and breathe when you reach your goal.

AM I wake up and PM I go to sleep.
T ime makes my movement,
T ime changes my life over and over.
I don’t wait for tomorrow because
T ime doesn’t wait for me.
U nknown tomorrow is undecidable.
D one everything before it’s over — and at the
E nd relax and have fun.