I – it was Interesting to see all amazing things about our bodies.
N – Now I know that our bodies need a brain to work.
T – Technology will make our lives easier and it will also make us live longer.
R – they Recommend people to make the right choices in what they eat, because people are dying of diabetes, cancer and other diseases.
I – the way people eat Influences our body.
G – Give your body some protection.
U – It’s Unnecessary to eat fat.
I – we have Issues with obesity growth in America.
N – Never eat food that is not of your choices.
G – we Gather to have happiness, because it is not ready-made.

L – the Large intestine is not the main digestive intestine.
I – I eat healthily always.
V – View the nutrition facts everyday.
E – I exercise everyday to be healthy.
R – I recognize what I saw and I remember what is Important for our body.