I chose this piece because I wanted to learn about Ida B. Wells’ life and what did she do for her people. The purpose of this piece was to write a poem about segregation and how do to transform it with sarvodaya. One similar thing between the 2 poems is that I and Ida B Wells have a same dream about trying to change our people’s life. I learned that Ida B. Wells was a hero and a woman stronger than many men.

Ida B. Wells’ Freedom Song

A crusader for Justice, A defender of democracy.
“I came home every Friday afternoon,
I spent Saturday, Sunday washing and ironing,
After cooking for the children
Back to my country school on Sunday.”

Fought segregation decades before Rosa Parks,
Ran for Congress, attended suffrage meetings.
During World War I, I covered various race riots.

“The history, which reflected glory, the race should be known.
Our youth are entitled to the facts of race history,
Which only the participants can give.
I am thus led to set forth the facts.”

A legacy of activism, Dedication and hope for change.
I traveled the United States and Europe
With my anti-lynching message.

My Freedom Song

A crusader for justice, A defender of freedom.
I will come home and I will bring the sign of peace.
I go to the Church on Sunday,
Turn the WAR into the PEACE in my heart.
I do make One peace, FULL of Freedom, no more Dark.

Segregation from being a human.
Thinking of Oneself, doing for Oneself, living for Oneself.
No dream, no mission, still confused about World,
But one thing in my heart that can’t disappear.

Things will act differently;
The water will flow Low to High,
A small will teach a big,
TWO will be ONE, and will make a Dream.
LOVE and HATE will become Justice.
ONE will make ONE PEACE.
This is my Dream,
My dream will come True!