I chose this piece because I love to write poems. The purpose of this piece was to talk about apartheid and also to learn about it. One similarity between the two poems you will read is that they both have something to do with our lives: both Rosa Parks and I faced challenges that have to do with separation in life. I learned that many people had something to do with the apartheid.

My Freedom Song

I am M.F
But my friends call me “New New”
Pretty and unique girl

Born June 21, love to be happy but hate when a person tries to down talk me, love to be around my family and friends.

I fight for myself
I fight for my family
I fight for people

Everybody should be treated equally, and people should treat people how they want to be treated. I help people who cannot help themselves, I stand up for people’s rights.

I fight with my words
I don’t use weapons to fight
I fight with my brain

I used to fight with my hands, and never thought about using my words, or even thought about using my brain. Many people in the world today use weapons and their hands. The world would be so much peaceful, if people knew more about apartheid, and start using their words and brain before they react to a problem.

Freedom Fighter Song

I am Rosa Parker
I will not move from my seat
I will not back down

I fought racism
I will not let them stop me
I will not give up

I sat peacefully
I am a strong black woman
Freedom will come soon