When I lived in Tanzania Muyovozi, I was younger. My family and I lived in a house with two rooms. I used to sleep by myself in one room. My mom slept with my younger sister, and she was 4 years old. My two big brothers slept in their house, and my younger brother slept at my grandfather’s house. I was scared to sleep by myself because sometimes dogs barked at night. When they barked, I just woke up and opened the window to see if there were any dogs in front of the door. Then I just went back to sleep if I didn’t find the dogs.

On top of my house we had a tin roof and also my grandpa’s house had one. His house had chickens and ducks. A lot of times we ate chickens and rice during the holidays. It was the food we ate the most during holidays because it tasted good and also smelled good. When you saw the food you didn’t want to go anywhere.

Everyday we had to bring water in our house. We first do our house chores. When we were done doing our house chores, we could go play dodgeball. We were allowed to play at 5:00pm because outside wasn’t very sunny.

Each neighborhood had a bulletin board. The social workers from UNICEF put news on the bulletin board to let people know that something happened. One day, someone saw my family name written on the paper. They came to tell us that they saw our family name on the list of people selected to come to America. The next day everyone in my family had to go to an Interview. After 6 months, we moved to another city called Mutabira.

In Mutabira there were not many trees like in Muyovozi. We played like in Muyovozi because in Mutabira don’t have lots of trees to play in. 1 month later we went to check if our name was on the bulletin board. On the next day we went to another Interview. Then we waited 3 months for the final Interview to come America. The next week, the social workers from UNICEF brought the paper and they put it on the bulletin board. We went to check if our family names were on the paper and we found it. There was another paper that said that, a bus would come pick us up on Tuesday. We can move to another city where we can get to the airport. We went there, we waited 4 weeks. In the city called Kanembwa. We went to check our family and we found our name on the list. They did that because they just took a group of people at a time.

When we arrived in America, I changed everything. I can’t carry water and I can’t carry any thing on my head. Now I go to a nice school where no teachers beat any students. I am very happy to be here.