I chose to include these pieces because they are more poems, and poems are good to share. Also, because I was told to do so, and I gotta fill this blog up!

The connection between these poems is that they both call for sarvodaya (ghandian principle-acting for the good of all things), but in different ways. And that’s what I learned. Sarvodaya can be fulfilled in a wide variety of ways.

My Own Freedom Song

I’m D.M.
I am a pupil of GCE Highschool and a heavy listener of music, and that’s all I know right now.
What about you?

An apartheid is going on in my mind.
A typical teenage mental apartheid I guess.
I am not one inside, but separated and splintered.
Little men inside are fighting for their rights- My dreams.
And the institution strapping them down operates with tiny soldiers spreading doubt and fear.
I wish they would stop fighting. I wish they would become one.
That must be impossible. Psychology states our minds are meant to be divided, into little parts, pulling us different directions.
Our minds, divided, just like the world.
But to believe we can’t change our minds, is to believe we can’t change the world.

So how do we become one with our true selves and dreams?
Is a mental crusade of Sarvodaya in order?
I think so.
I don’t know what it entails.
Meditation, mindfulness, or just plain introspective thought?
I don’t know, I’m an amateur.
I’ll get back to you if I find anything.

Impersonation of James Lawson Freedom Song

Hello, I’m James Lawson.
How do you do?
And however you do, god bless you either way.

I’ll tell you my challenge:

A generation of oppressed, black youth is burning. Burning with anger.

It is my job to put that out, because you can’t fight fire with fire.

Only peace and nonviolence can douse those flames, and it’s my job to teach it.

Fighting aggression with peace is the noblest battle one can fight. It works not only for the peacemaker and the oppressor, but for the good of all things.

From its intersection of love and hate, a shockwave spreads and blesses everything.

I’ve seen it myself.