Dear Reader:

Unable to resist any longer the seductive, white hot radiance and persistent hum of the cyber-vacuum, I enter the blogosphere…

Early activity here will involve references to Daniel Burnham’s The Plan of Chicago as a means to organize and report on how GCE Chicago High School operates as a Professional Learning Community to deliver effective 21st century instruction throughout GCE’s highly integrated 11th grade Urban Planning unit.

Posts beyond this term will likely continue to reflect my interest in educational leadership, collaborative course design, classroom instruction, digital literacy, lowbrow humor, and an affinity for Chicago Studies, including area history, literature, arts, architecture, and baseball on the South Side.

In addition to contributing to the amazing chorus of GCE Voices, I am on Twitter @ ROChiWARE, and my Vimeo page ( features professional and student-produced videos that reflect my love of learning and teaching.

Thank you for reading!


Warren Thomas Rocco

GCE Institute Director/Humanities Instructor