I chose this piece because I wanted to send a protest letter to CTA about Kimball neighborhood. The purpose of this piece was to suggest how we can make a better neighborhood with more CTA buses in Kimball. I am proud of this piece because I can send the protest latter to CTA. I learned that fighting our enemy by brain and heart is the best way to win our enemy.

Chicago Transit Authority
567 West Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Chicago 21st April, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this latter as a protest regarding the lack of CTA buses in the Kimball neighborhood, Chicago, IL.

When I wait for the only buses we have (Lawrence #81 & Kimball #82) besides the Brown Line, I see always many students and workers aslo waiting, at least 25 minutes.

I believe having more CTA buses would change our City and Chicagon’s life.

I believe we need to do what we can do, when we can do something good for many people.

More buses will:

  1. Save time for the students and workers;
  2. Make us feel safer; since we would not have to wait so much;
  3. Reduce the pollution, by saving money and the oil people would use on cars…
  4. Therefore, it would also help save our planet;
  5. Make people use better the time wasted on the road, since they would arrive quickly and do something else;
  6. Reduce traffic jams;
  7. Many elders will be able to go where they need to go;
  8. Reduce accidents;
  9. If someone has an accident, the ambulance will be able to arrive faster, because there will be less cars and traffic.

I believe that, in this particular case, the lack of CTA is the worst situation for all people who live in Chicago.


A Friend