I chose this piece because it is important and interesting to put in my blog, to give an example of how any person can make the world better, by protesting in many different ways.

The purpose of this piece was to write a protest letter about a problem in my neighborhood, considering myself as a “rainmaker”, a person who fights without violence.

I am proud of my Self because I could change the world if the person I sent the letter to accepts it.

I learned that you don’t need a diploma to change the world, all you need is people to hear your voice and knowledge.

Dear Alderman Ms. Helen Shiller,

I am writing this letter as a protest on how crime is affecting Uptown, my neighborhood. I frequently hear gunshots and see fighting. I fear crime will grow even more in Uptown, making people scared. The residents of this community could lose their hopes, if they don’t have enough money to move to another neighborhood.

I believe some ways to prevent crimes would be:

  1. Put more police, block by block, to search for gang members.
  2. Make sure that minors can’t get drinks or buy drugs.
  3. Look for kids who don’t have a place to lay their heads and give them homes and schools.
  4. Put more surveillance cameras block by block.

In order to improve the quality of life in Chicago’s neighborhoods, we need hope and to feel that we are safe.

If we feel safe, we can:

  1. live better without fear;
  2. work and study better;
  3. play outside;
  4. and be happy and communicate with people in the community.

I hope you’ll accept this letter and help me make the world better.