Zach Silver



Dear Westview,

What this community needs is me. I come to you with an opportunity, an opportunity for improvement and a great neighborhood. I have a proposal for a brand-new development that will include a school system, parks and greenspace. There will be a K-8 school two blocks from the town center. This will offer all the children an opportunity to be in a safe learning environment in which they can flourish. I also will have many parks scattered throughout the neighborhood so everyone can have a place to be active and have fun. This will not only combat crime (because some crime is due to pure boredom) but also will combat the issue of obesity that is running rampant in the US. There will be green space scattered throughout the neighborhood. This will make the neighborhood look pretty and increase property value and overall morale of the neighborhood, and no one likes to live in an ugly neighborhood. I implore you to join me in this development and not only better your own lives but Chicago as a whole.


Zach Silver