I chose this piece because I wanted to learn about the Egyptian Revolution movement and to create peace.
The purpose of my nonviolent action was to promote these three principles: Sarvodaya, Swadeshi and Swaraj.
Sarvodaya is “all rising together”, because all the people should be united and should have equality of freedom, rights and powers.
Swadeshi is “local-economy”. We know that our world is hungry for peace but we give it poisoned foods. For example: 100 people need food and you give it to only 10 people. Do you think this is enough?
Swaraj is “self-government”. Today the biggest problem that we have in the whole World is the challenge of Self-Organizing, because most governments want to own everything in their countries; they don’t want to give back to their countries; that’s why all the uprisings are happening now.
I learned that we all are the same and no one is different than anyone else.
I hope if we can solve all these problems, we will have PEACE.

HT eJOYpt Presentation from GCE on Vimeo.