On our last Field Experience, GCE Chicago Freshman students (& teachers):
thought, planned, cleaned and put hands to work.
The goal? Turn a classroom into an installation
with the theme “Mindscape”.
What is Mindscape?
Follow the transformation below
to see the meaning GCE is building to this word.

The Plan

Mindscape: The Plan

Window Camera: Before Cleaning

Wall View: Before

Door Camera: Before Cleaning

Door View: Before

Door Camera: During Cleaning

Door View: Cleaning Starts

Door Camera: After Cleaning

Door View: After Cleaning

Door Camera: Wiring Starts

Door View: Wiring Begins

Floor Camera: Wiring Proceeds

Floor View: Wiring Starts

Window Camera: After Wiring & Hanging Portraits

Wall View: Wires & Portraits

Floor Camera: Playing with Light & Shadow

Floor View: Shadows