The purpose of this piece was to write a poem that relates to something that hapenned in my life.

I included this piece because I thought that you can be interested in it and I am proud of it.

I am proud of this piece because whenever I read this, I feel like I am going back to Africa, where I’m from.

I learned that to hunt a poem is not easy for the first time, but, if you keep practicing, you will have lots of progress.

~ Photo: Tree of Life (2007) by Mario Alberto Castillo.

My life is more like free in shapes and lots of breathing, but not enough.
My life is more than a rhyme in a sonnet.
My life as a refugee was hard, but hunting poems with arrows was easy.
Being in a forest is the scariest thing to other people; to me it was nothing.
In Tanzania, I learned how to hunt a poem with arrows; birds and poem were my first victims.

Running was the most important thing in my life as a refugee; it felt like reading a poem.
The first time I climbed a tree was so complicated, and I didn’t give up, as the poem kept telling me to breath and not to give up.

My life as a refugee depended on soccer, as I throw the ball with metric.
Playing soccer was similar to poems and sonnets, because I enjoy whenever I am doing them.
In my life as refugee, I learned lots of skills and tricks to become a better poetry hunter.

To hunt the poems, you have to try hard and stay focused,
so you can eat.