This spring term our group went into Rogers Park and studied it through many lenses. In school, we had two different classes to help us deepen our understanding of urban planning and how cities work.

In policy, our English/History class taught by Keziah, we learned about the history of Chicago and how it was built through literature such as Daniel Burnham’s plan. We also read and analyzed other articles & stories of cities that worked, or didn’t. In our other class, Urban Planning taught by James and A.C., which is a Math/Science class, we learned what makes a city work.

Through perspectives of transportation, housing, services and infrastructure, we first dissected cities like Chicago and Detroit, only to then localize it to Rogers Park. Also, we looked through an economic lens and tackled everything an urban planning has to calculate and account for. This video is displaying our findings and the changes that we feel will help make Rogers Park progress.  Enjoy!