“When I first looked at GCE, I never expected anything like it. It had diversity, respect, but above all, a home to go to. I have never seen any school in my life with such a feeling.” — GCE Student DG

Dear GCE students, families, partners, and board:
I am deeply grateful for your faith and trust.  It has been an honor to build GCE for and with you. 
Students finished the school-year last Thursday and hosted guests at our Year-end Celebration.  We enjoyed delicious food from Amazing Edibles and explored student work through their Installation projects; students converted two classrooms into experiential artistic environments that captured a term’s worth of investigation into the world and themselves.  Many thanks to all of you who made the effort to join us.  This week, staff are immersed in deconstructing the 2010-11 school-year so that we can effectively improve in 2011-12.  If you’d like to see a schedule of our year-end meetings to understand some general topics we’ll be evaluating, please look at the GCE calendar.  Narrative reports and grades will be sent to families early next week.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly. 
ACT prep.  Garry will be at GCE this Wednesday, June 1, from 11am-3pm, to facilitate a full-scale ACT preparation test.  As of now we are expecting the following students: HT, DG, DC, MF, and DM.  Remember, there’s no better way to prep for a mind- and body-numbing 3.5 hour test than to sit and take them repeatedly. 
We are moving in June.  Several students have asked if they can help with packing and loading/unloading.  Yes, yes, yes, and thank you.  I’ll circle back with specific dates and times, but please tentatively keep in mind the dates of June 15-23 (final agenda TBD).
I think that’s all for today.  Feeling enormous gratitutde to all of our families, partners, staff, volunteers, board members, and supporters.  
Enjoy the much-needed sunshine,