Dear GCE families, friends, and partners:

We are pleased to share with you an introduction to a book edited by parents of a GCE alumn, Lyric and David Hale. In their own words:

Last week our first book, “What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy” was published by Yale University Press. We present the views of independent, highly respected economists and thinkers who have spent their lives devoted to a particular geographic region or field, such as energy. Why won’t alternative fuels become economically viable in our lifetime? Why has Japan’s growth been stunted–even before the tsunami? Should we begin a global taxation system? Is the greatest danger to our financial system overregulation? Why won’t the dollar be replaced as the global currency of choice? Learn about the new science of neuroeconomics. Be prepared to be challenged by the writers’ arguments, and their erudition.

Information about the book, and our expert contributors, can be found on the website

We hope that you’ll explore the ideas and conversation related to their book.
Many thanks.