Angeles, Laura, Claudia y Lupita

way to meet and share space and time with three wonderful ladies, Angeles, Laura and Lupita. All three women are passionate social and enviornmental activists using their talents in distinctive ways to deliver information and healing to the community at Playa del Carmen. We met, sipped delicious Mayan Chocolate, talked shop and shared stories about cooking. Our conversation about food, cooking and eating brought back memories (and smells) of childhood experiences i had while cooking with my grandmother, abuelita Cuca. The story behind the recipe and how family recipes can be the thread that connects us to our culture and our ancestors is a story that calls to be told and kept alive. In Mexican households storytelling often takes place in the kitchen as a wonderful meal is magically coming to life merging smells and meals with pieces of family history. Our Abuelas did not use recipes…they used their intuition to measure amounts and choose ingredients needed. Cooking was, and in some households continues to be, an oral tradition. We talked about the importance of writing down the recipes and the stories behind the recipe… so that our children and their children still know how to make chiles rellenos the way Abuela did bringing her story and invoking her spirit in the process. These women are multifaceted, creative and powerful, despite limited resources they are making a difference to their community. They made a difference in my life, thank you ladies for opening your hearts, showing me such heartfelt hospitality.