Sacred Temple


We walked the sacred sites of Tulum…many elemental beings greeting our every step and showering the girls and i with blessings! How absolutely magical to see this sacred site of worship with Iguanas guarding the sides of the door and stairs leading to it. There were 8 iguanas symmetrically positioned  along the steps looking very Zen. My daughters could not get enough pictures. i couldn’t help be reminded of the importance to meditate and learn how to just be and be still and present. Message(s) understood! And as if the sacred sites were not enough to take my breath away the beach below with water so emerald green it shifted my state of consciousness and waves so powerful they struck chords against the rocks creating rhythmic melodies that simply left me breathless and in Grace. The rock  you see below in the picture appeared to me as a sphinx…isn’t that very telling…..

Tulum...sacred beach