1st draft

I’m very excited to start the early stages of curriculum planning. After some brain busting and mind blowing discussions, we have given basic guidelines to follow for our lesson plans. As the foundation of our courses, we must provide guiding questions to our students. It was my ultimate challenge to put aside my traditional teaching methods. I always taught by providing information where the students would listen and absorb it. They would then be evaluated on how much information they can regurgitate. At GCE, I put aside my past teaching methods with an open mind to GCE methods. This was initially challenging. I asked my self, how can I teach a whole lesson by just asking the essential questions?

My world turned upside down. During discussions with staff, I had an eureka moment and the feeling was very pleasurable. I discovered a method to help assist students find mathematical/scientific solutions by asking basic guiding questions from a global/cross-cultural perspective.  I completed my 1st draft for my population, disease and cure courses.  My discovery opened my eyes to endless possibilities and additional ideas for future courses. I feel like Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, and I look forward to my next steps.