Dear GCE friends and families:
Last Friday, at the close of an intense work-week, our staff settled into semi-comfortable positions of relative recline on a hard floor with industrial carpeting that doesn’t really provide padding. But we were comfortable. And safe. And inspired by each other and the shared vision we are creating. What follows are a few thoughts that were presented about GCE’s vision.

Interconnections—connects rather than separates
School that serves as laboratory for world
Community that grows around people who are on their own paths, but find their paths in this place…-synchronisity—seeking out people who are in their own lives doing something…
Being part of community of learners
Use of space— what is the ideal learning environment, within certain constraints…
-Your unique approach contributes—needed in order to make the meal—kinds are needed in this community—UJIMA
Potential, not control
Learning to perceive in new ways
Safe place where be who you are—no one is saying who or what you have to be
Opportunity to create environment
Tender thing—come over to listen—being empathetic—do it for each other, do it for the kids.
GCE has purpose—not so far away, safe to create and grow, everyone on board—rare environment—trying to create that for students

Challenge as a school—legal structure to turn vision into curriculum —the why to turn it into how curric—if we do it really well, curric for all constituents—serves kids, serves parents, serves staff, serves partners….