Over the course of the first four weeks of school, I will be facilitating a viewing/discussion of the film, “Inside Job”, by Charles Ferguson. This is part of our Economic Fundamentals course. Each week, our juniors/seniors enrolled in the course will post their questions/ideas/feedback about what we’re learning together.

I hope you’ll engage in our discussion as well.

Week 1, Intro and Part I: How We Got Here; Week 2, Part II: The Bubble; Week 3, Part III: The Crisis; Week 4, Parts IV: Accountability and Part V: Where Are We Now.

Prompts for week one:
1. What do you know about local, national, and global economics today and throughout history?
2. Why do you know this? How did you learn it? From which sources?
3. What ten observations did you make about the sections of the film we watched today?
4. What 3 quality guiding questions do you want to pursue?
5. Which question (yours or one of your classmates) will you own and pursue for the next week?
6. What are your next steps in the learning/investigative process? (Be prepared to discuss, recap, and introduce classmates to your explorations and research next Tuesday.)