Today, in our Econ Fundamentals class, we watched and discussed the second installment of “Inside Job.” But before our interactive viewing, we talked about the students’ guiding questions and their initial strategies for discovering where these questions lead them. Surprisingly, we spent almost twenty minutes on this portion of the class — thank goodness for block classes or I’d have been rushing and missed the point. We talked at length about the difference between the assignment and the essence/purpose of the assignment. So, to be clear, I list both below. Please let me know if you think there is a difference, and please explore our student responses, which will be posted as comments to this blog over the weekend.

Essential learning goals… and the Assignment for students to complete by Friday:

1–Research…Pursue your guiding question and see where it takes you (minimum three quality resources which will be added to our Diigo group).

2–Understanding (synopsis)…In your own words, graphs, or illustrations, please convey the purpose, significance, and key information about your selected resources (these can be used as the “descriptions” when you add resources to Diigo).

3–Application (opinion/explanation)…Please tell us why this matters. What is your opinion? How can we change/improve because of what you’ve learned?

Thank you,