Who can people turn to, or trust, when they don’t know how to feel things? And why would you trust them, if you can’t feel anything?

The purpose of this piece was to create a question and respond to it in a poem.
I chose this piece, because this is an important event for me. I noticed that this is a way to express my feelings. I discovered that this class is epic. I like it, because I learn lots of valuable lessons on how to listen. Now I know that if I don’t challenge my self, or teachers don’t challenge me, I would not learn at all.

Who, who can you trust? Who, who to believe?

I relief when there is someone to trust.

LN blog GRR
LN blog GRR

Who, who to turn to?
Believe what you want to believe.

Many people do many things I am not proud of.

It gets worse when people don’t forgive.

Tears tear me apart to see people not trusting each other.

Deaf and blind cannot be able to feel sounds and lights, but can learn fast.
I hear things that I shouldn’t hear, but I let them go anyway.

Image by open sourceway.