I noticed that we had to learn a lot about Rhythm and sounds. We learned about what people use to create the different types of rhythms. You don’t have to have the perfects instruments to make sounds. You can make many sounds with your parts of body (legs, hands, mouth).  You know our world is full of craziness. Some times you have to act like crazy, smart, careless or bad.  Shout louder than the ocean and quiet as the night full of stars.  If that’s what makes you who you are.

I am the SHADOW.
That separates the BRIGHT and the DARK,
But I am a happy man.

I a man who has the DREAMS.
The Rocks, the Mountains, the Oceans and the Sky
Don’t believe in my dreams.
But I believe my Self.

I am alone, but I am HAPPY.
Because the Rocks, the Trees and the Skies are my FRIENDS.
Wherever I go they are every where.