I noticed today that everything I knew about  Global Rap Redux was wrong, because I thought that we were only going to study poetry. Now I noticed that we are going to study about other things too,  deep things like  to know the multiple  meanings of the word poetry. We are not  going to be only writing poetry, we are also going to write and learn about poetry.

What changes happened to Evelyn Glennie from the day she picked up an instrument until today?

OK. I am sure that there are a lot of changes that happened to her, from the day she picked an instrument until today. You know?, sometimes I think that Evelyn is similar to me in so many ways. Evelyn is deaf, meaning  that she can’t listen to people or to instruments, but she can feel it. This happened to me too, but  in a little different way. When I came to the U.S., I didn’t know any English. I was like a deaf person. I didn’t understand people; when they talked, it was like I couldn’t hear — but I understood them when they showed me things. So, I feel close to Evelyn; she can’t hear, but she can feel. The only difference is that I couldn’t feel it, because I couldn’t understand it; I could just see it. Evelyn changed a lot  and so did I. She learned how to listen, and I learned how to speak. This was how Evelyn and I changed. The steps that we took to change ourselves were almost the same. We both had a book and read from it, but the only thing is that she was holding a book on HOW TO LISTEN? and I was holding a DICTIONARY.