What challenges and obstacale do you think deaf?? people have to endure during there time trying to learn and fully understand how to listen?

Some goals of mine are to understand how to listen better. I am horrible at listening and I believe this class will help me a lot. Another goal of mine is to learn and understand how rhythms and beats work. I’m extremely tone deaf and cant carry a beat but I still love music so much and i would like to work on that and being able to carry a beat or note easily. My last goal for this class is to be able to appreciate my hearing and the sounds the world gives me to listen to. I think many people in their everyday lives take advantage of sounds when really you never know if one day you wake up and suddenly the world is a silent place.

Music cannot lie
With out sound I would die
I live a life of melodies and beats
I walk down the street and hear the birds tweet tweet tweets
Music is all around you
It takes you on a journey
You may not know where you are going
But it follows you everywhere even when it is snowing
The sound that follows you might hate
But appreciate it as best you can
Because you never know when you wont be able to hear again