If you were Evelyn Glennie and you could not hear, what challenges in life do you think you

would face? Think as if you were in her shoes (ears).

I’m asking this because I know how it is to face challenges. A challenge that I face is with my school work, especially grammar, reading my papers out loud before I turn them in, and also punctuation.

I would like to work on my grammar, which is the most important thing to me, because I would want to speak correctly when I get a job .

One thing that I really enjoy working on is poetry; I like to write my own poems. Here is an example of one of my poems for Global Rap class developing the question with which I started this post:

Listen all around
Do you hear that unique sound?
Looking left and looking right
Sometimes I just stay up all night
Wondering why that sound is so right
I bring it to a new night
Higher then a bird that sings at midnight
Beats are louder
They make the smile on peoples face brighter