Learning in school and life experiences seem to be coming together for the first time right now. I am finding that in order to succeed in one, you need the other to support it. Picasso’s Bull is a guide through life. As I explained in the tweets, the bull lived a sad life, and as his body changes, the weaker/stronger he became. Another thing I found out about the bull is that whenever it changed into a weirder form, the less accepting we, the class became. In my life I have come across many struggles–much like the bull. However, my most difficult part in life is my issues with test anxiety.

Chimamanda Adiche is a Nigerian author whose work we recently studied. She talks about the problems with single stories, and with African stereotypes. Like Ms. Adichie, I also want people to pay more attention to my problems. I want to get over my test anxiety more then anything in the world. I know that I probably will never fully overcome it, but it is something I am working on so that it doesn’t effect me any more. It upsets me because it is something that is so easy to work through if given enough attention. Part of the reason test anxiety is so bad is because is people don’t have confidence in their answers and taking risks. According to a survey I’m a moderate risk taker. The survey claims that it’s based on perspective and what a person thinks. Risks can be life changing. I aim to get set, or move someone’s viewpoint by taking a risk. Risks influence everyday decisions about lifestyles. I think that the risk taking aspect comes out mostly when were in school. At GCE, the teachers are good enough so that if you take a risk and fail, they’ll help you through it.

Being very attentive and absorbing information is key. The teaching technique here is unusual and different. GCE adjusts to kids’ different learning styles, which I really do appreciate. I like how the teachers go the extra mile to find out how we learn through surveys and questions. Even though students may disagree with the results, it’s still a baseline for learning. Of course, most of the successful teaching comes from commitment to educating others. For example, I thought that the course diagram was awesome. I LOVE THAT THERE IS A PLAN. I hate it when you go into the school year and have no idea what is in store…it makes me so stressed out. I have serious anxiety, and not knowing what I’m about to commit to for a long time has the potential to really scare me and push me away from the commitment. I really look forward to going deeper into the class and learning more about crimes against humanity. I can tell it is a class I am going to enjoy and contribute a lot to.