Getting Challenged

Well okay, I am at GCE because it’s the best high school ever. I chose to come to GCE because I want to get challenged. In the past few days we studyied Picasso’s bulls and it was a really interesting topic for me. Picasso draws in a very challenging way. I came to this high school to be challenged. Picasso has a unique and a challenging way of drawing.

Recently we were working on a activity that helped me find out who I really am. After I did the self-assessment learning test,  I found out that it would help me communicate with teachers in a easy way, so I can understand them and they can understand me. I never knew that I was a visual learner. It says that everything I see is what I get, and that is totally true. Sometimes teachers ask me, “What is  your learning style? or Which way do you learn better?” I get confused and don’t know what to say, but from now on my answer will be clear.

This class is a great class. In the last few days we read, “ The Danger Of Single Story”–it was a sad, interesting, and challenging story. We can fight this story in a lot of ways. One of these ways is work together. When I read this story, I learned a lot of things. There was an important part that I learned: it was “don’t Judge a book by its cover”. This sentence means don’t judge people until you know them very well.

At GCE I get challenged a lot. I love to be challenged, and I think this class is challenging. Last year all I did at my school was get hard tests, memorize a lot of things, and study a whole chapter by myself–preparing for a test. At GCE, it’s the opposite. I am not saying that we don’t study, or we don’t get tests, or any homework. We do! But the difference is that at my old school we didn’t understand, we memorized. At GCE we understand instead of memorizing, we get challenged instead of just studying alone, and we try to figure each thing by ourselves. So that’s the type of learning that I expect at GCE.