In the Vitologies class we learned how to tell or write stories not in dangerous ways like single stories. It’s not that easy to tell a story without telling it globally. What I learned from Chimamanda Adichie, the storyteller and writer from Nigeria was not to let any one twist your story or convince you to change the beginning, the middle and the ending. I like to be at GCE because it’s global and I get to learn other peoples’ culture. Classes at GCE are epic and challenging, which is fun. Classes without challenges wouldn’t help me learn because most of the students need some challenges in order to learn.

When students in Vitologies took the learning style survey online we got different results. My result showed that I like to study alone in the dark and somewhere that is calm. It wasn’t a surprise to me; I knew that this was my learning style. However, what I expected from them was that I learn when I see things. For instance, Picasso’s bulls took me to many places by looking. Ideas flowed into my head about what Picasso was trying to tell the audience. The images of Picasso’s bulls took me back to Congo, to my cousin’s bull, which was strong, heavy and fast; it almost hit my sister, Domi, and my brother, Joe, because it was hungry and angry. They were lucky because there was a hole that kept the bull away from them. Warning: don’t mess with bulls.

Now I know that learning isn’t hard at all because if I am organized, focused and knowing my learning style, it will be easy. We are the ones who make it hard. What I expected from this class was to read stories and summarize them, but now we have to read and write one ourselves. Writing stories will help you learn how to understand what you read. It’s so great to have all of these challenging classes at GCE. I am proud to be part of GCE. For the rest of this term we will study about; Why stories matter? How are we connected? And I know that stories will never be extinct because they are for life to many people. Everybody has a beginning of story. Even I have a beginning and an ending.

Welcome to my learning style!