I am in GCE because I want to explore new ideas  and experiences. I want to discover myself in my environments. I want to make my life exceptional. I am here (GCE) because I believe that I will learn a good experience and my education will be better. I strongly feel GCE is getting better than last year because I see many new students and new learning styles. In Crimes Against Humanity class the teacher showed us different types of Picasso’s Bull pictures to describe and to know what the students learning style is. I learned  many different thoughts and ideas from each one of the students. It’s cool that you could know what a person learning style is by just looking at one picture on the board and coming up with many ideas.

The Picasso’s bull images guided us into openness and sharing ideas. It also guided us how to work with the group by bringing different thoughts from each student.  From Picasso’s Bull I learned other students’ names and where they come from. I figured out what I really want to do for my future from eduToPia by doing the learning style survey. It told me I am a visual learner because I like drawing, painting, creating and designing. I also learned others’ personal goals and who they are. Some students want to an artist, journalist, musician and etc.

Another day we watched Chimamanda Adichie TED Talks video and I realized how much telling the story is important to you. GCE wants to hear your true story and would like to learn about you. If you don’t tell your story now at GCE where else you would tell it. GCE is like the ocean that is full of different types of fish and plants. If you are a small fish you will discover about what there is on the ocean bottom. When you grow up you will swim up to the sky and you will discover what there is on the land. What I meant is GCE will make you start from the bottom and it will make you to reach to the sky. However, in order to be able to go through these things you will have to push yourself hard the best you can. GCE about is learning others’ story and telling. When you tell the story, try to tell your story first because is better to talk about yourself than about others that you don’t really know well. You don’t need to prove your story is true as long as it is about you, but when you tell some one else story you always need the proof. Make your best steps when you have the chance. Clear everything in your mind for tomorrow and do what you have to do now! Create the route that will lead you where a place is full of hope and dreams!