People wonder how life would differ if they were hearing impaired. I question: what is it that the world would need to hear, if in fact it could not hear?

I noticed that this class is very different from anything I’ve ever taken. A class like this was never offered to me back home and is taught in an interesting format. I believe I will take away a lot from this class. I still have to get adjusted to these new accustoms and teaching styles. I’ve always liked diversity however — and constantly like to keep an open mind, so I can discover new tactics. This class makes my mind work in ways I didn’t think it would during school hours, since it’s more artistically oriented. I love doing that and stressing both sides of my brain throughout the day, I think it’s healthy. When I work out both sides of my brain, it is when I’m the most attentive and determined. Also, since I was a baby, I have been completely obsessed with all kinds of music. Without it, my parents say that I would have gone crazy. It puts me to sleep, wakes me up, and changes my mood no matter how I feel. Since it plays such a crucial part in my life, I feel like I’m going to be extra attentive in this class. I like this class, it’s different and relaxing.  I’m excited to see where it takes me.

 The poem represents a ton of questions that we cannot answer or prove. When I read it, it makes me wonder, even as the writer. It makes a statement. What would sound be, if we couldn’t hear? It’s a question that seems obvious; yet, nobody can figure out the answer to it. Questions like these are close to impossible to answer without actually going through the process of having no sound. I feel however that these questions are important to take into consideration, because they make you appreciate that you can hear everything around you.  Nobody really knows what we would do without it.
What would the world need to hear if it in fact could not here?

Would we suffer?

Would we even know the concept of sound?

What noise is good for us?

Who would need to listen to it?

Who would want to listen to it?

What if the human race had no option but to listen?

Why would it change perspective?

Why don’t people listen even with the option?