Final bull ppt

While in class we learned about what my learning style is. My learning style is intrapersonal; intrapersonal is a learning style about setting your own goals and knowing your limits as a person. One of the surprises I had was in the career choices. One of the intrapersonal careers is a police officer, but I have never thought of myself as one. I think since I set goals for myself in class, I can set goals for helping my classmates. This will help them, and also help speed up the class. I figured out to never give just one look at an image and then capture one story. I learned to take those looks and try to make as many stories as possible. I think now that we know about our learning skills, we cannot only improve the class but the whole school.

Another activity we had in class was looking at images of Picasso’s bull and we had to try to find out why Picasso’s art is so important. Picasso’s art is important because I think we should learn all different types of art, from plain bulls to bulls that are just made out of shapes. Instead of thinking about what the bulls look like, you have to think of some type of story for it. For example, is it a fighting bull, or is it a bull that has been in trouble? There is no such thing as a one story-per bull-image. Never look at the image and give one reason on what’s its been through. The whole point is to have more than one idea on what it’s been through.

One of the latest activity’s we have done in class was watch a video with Ms. Chimamanda Adichie, a woman that gave a speech about single stories on TED. The single story is a dangerous story because there are so many things in one episode that you will hear: from losing friends to losing food, and you don’t want that to be just one thought in one certain place. So if you have an opportunity to revisit a story after hearing more than one version then you have the chance to change the future. As Ms. Chimamanda Adichie says, “When you lose the single story you regain a type of paradise.”