1. Why did you conduct your census?

We wanted to improve the health our young people.

  1. How did you conduct this study?

We conducted this study by interviewing random people in the Chicago area.

  1. Where did you conduct this?

We conducted this near the area of Ohio Street, Grand Ave., and Ontario St.

  1. What were your results?

5.)What did you learn?

My approach to conduct this study was difficult. I learned that some people will lie because they think that you are going to ask for money. Even though some people will stop and answer your questions, others will just walk away, without hearing what you have to say. I learned that you will have to be nice to people, even if they are not being nice to you.

We interviewed 13 females and 6 males. The one that caught my attention was dance there is a lot of women that dance and no men that dance. It was 7.7% of women that do dance and no men that dance.