Why did you conduct your census?

The purpose of this census is to know more information about the restaurant business.

How did you conduct this study?

By phone several calls.

Where did you conduct this?

Around Chicago area on west Ohio street.

What were your results?


Sushi Wabi (842 West Randolph Street, Chicago,IL)
Provos bakery (Chicago)
How long have you had this business? 8 years 10 years
What is the average spent by a person on each meal? $60.00 $10.00
What is the common age of clients? Adults (20-60) adults(20-60)
How many days do you visit restaurant in one week? 1 day 1 day
What kind of food do you prefer, American, or other countries? The food that they sell at restaurant Sushi, and Japanese food Other countries food
What make this business unique? The way they cook the food and the type of food. They make everything and serve it for other restaurant.

(Credited to MY)

What can you conclude or interpret from the data?

I learned about the restaurant business. Specifically, I learned how each person spend a lot of money in sushi restaurants more than others restaurant.