Neighborhood on PhotoPeach

Many people contribute to the image of a neighborhood such as, political leaders, businesses and block clubs or community leaders. Political leaders have the money, so usually they have more leverage in the community. The political leaders in Pilsen put in eagle flags to represent the Mexican presence and Aztec calendars to represent their culture. Businesses also control the image of a neighborhood. If businesses are doing well, they draw in more people to the neighborhood and beautify it by keeping their businesses clean and welcoming. The community leaders have a big impact on the neighborhood. If the leaders use their respect, they have in the community to help the way people view the neighborhood. Even though I believe all of that is true, I also believe that the one person who has the most control over your community’s image and the messages that are conveyed is you. No matter how much money political leaders put in to beautify and clean up the neighborhood, if your not willing, trying, or helping keep it clean — then it won’t matter. On the other hand, no matter how violent, criminal, or dirty a neighborhood is, you can change it to make it a more positive environment, the same way Yollocalli is doing and J-Def tried to do.