Why do I attend GCE? I get asked that a lot after telling people that I went to school in a basement with fifteen other kids last year. It’s often really hard to explain as you really have to spend a week here to really experience what I’m trying to convey. In class we watched a Ted video about something called a single story, which really helped me understand GCE. You need to consider many stories and recognize many different perspectives to be understood, because at first glance GCE might seem like an insane asylum. However, our Crimes Against Humanity course is an example of multiple perspectives in context. We examine a number of crime fiction stories in order to gain an understanding of social injustices. Meanwhile, in our first days of class, we were given an online exam to help us find out what our learning style was. Obviously it cannot be defined by a singular definition, but it gives you a decent enough picture. Learning styles are the ways in which we learn most efficiently. For example, a kinesthetic learner will be able to think best moving around. Many students including myself got “intrapersonal” and that defined me well. Intraspersonal means thoroughly examining ideas and reviewing them (in this case, in my mind) as opposed to a zombie-esque style where I’m told information and I shoot it down onto a test, or paper. This surprised me in how accurate of a description of me it was, and it helped me understand why I like GCE so much. At GCE we often have very in-depth discussions and are asked to reflect on topics that challenge what we see in the world. I believe I can bring a strong element of this as I have always been this style of learner and would hope I can contribute beneficial thoughts to group discussions as well as being a leader in the school. In another assignment, we were asked to look at eleven different Picasso bull pictures, each being slightly different. I re-learned/went deeper into a very interesting idea which will help me at GCE. Seeing everyone’s different interpretations of the bull made me realize that in reflective group conversations, there isn’t necessarily one correct answer, there could be many, or there could be none. The point is, diversity in perspectives could potentially bring whole new elements to a discussion, rather than trying to work towards a collective answer that we cannot defend. So, why do I attend GCE? It fits me perfectly. My learning style molds into the school’s concept of how they teach and I am very appreciative for the opportunity.