We study Crimes Against Humanity because we want to know why the world is crazy, and why people suffer. When we wake up to hear the news of someone dead and someone crying, we say, ‘Why the world is so dark?’ The way I see the world is we all are in without the light and someone could just come kill us from behind. When I lived in Burma I didn’t know about crimes because we didn’t have TV in our Village. The more I moved to Big Cities I heard about more people crying every day. The more people try to escape from the world of darkness, the more they push themselves into a difficult life.

Our field experience helped me understand the connections between crimes now and then. Our FE also showed us how different colored peoples’ behavior changed our future. While we walked through the Maxwell Street I realized that we watched the video about old Maxwell Street. The Maxwell Street make me want to study more about Crimes Against Humanity, because I learned how Maxwell has changed the crimes by the music. The music is one of the best way to change the two worlds.

Our text, Chicago Blues is a path to understanding darkness and light. “Your Sweet Man” (one of the stories) is about betrayal and regret. When you love someone very much you have to risk for them. If the right side is a Crime and the left side is Humanity, then who will be a separator of those two worlds? The answer is that you are a separator of two paths which are Right or Wrong, and you have to make a better path every day of your life.