I chose to study the rhythm Pow Wow to understand how it feels when you gather with people to get more connected. Every single element of Pow Wow is very important, because if one is missing, the others wouldn’t exist. The elements are: singing, drumming, dancing, rhythms, yelling. I will yell to be ready, I sing and drum to make the dance happen. I connected Pow Wow of native Americans to Burundi, where I am from, because we have similar dances, costumes and rhythms.

I used anapest (UU__ ) as metric to guide my rhythm, because anapest follows the Pow Wow beat while dancing, singing and drumming.

This poem is connected to one of my goals in the Global RAP Redux course: to breathe in rhythms, because it’s hard to breathe in rhythms you’re not familiar with.

Here is my poem…

I went through hard times that I didn’t even want to experience in my life.
Life is rough, you can’t change your destiny.
What’s written is never erased, unless you have the abilities to…

The singer holds the elements of Pow Wow in their throats.
Without dru-u-mming and sin-in-ger there wouldn’t be dancing.
They hold their backs at each other, as strong as a rock.
Without one, they all die.

I breathe and everything stops for a while.
I let my eyes see pow wow and my eyes fell in love.
Drumming is stretching.
Dancing is flying around the world.

The Pow Wow music laughs around native Americans.
Energy flows around over native Americans, want to dance.
Native Americans’s hope depends on pow wow.

Nature gives me ideas of living a bright life.
The spirits flew in the winds trying to join me.
The loudness and the colors I see are stentorian; they WOO AAAAYY!
The beat of my heart goes ta ta ta, telling