In 2000, there were 1 billion fertile women which increased by some number in 2100. The purpose of this study is to have knowledge about population. Also, this information can help the government to know how many people we were in the world in case of emergency. I will look at how much does the U.S government spend and receive by helping fertile women.


The birth rate shows the increase and decrease of population growth (Index Mundi).

-In 2009, average birth rate 19.95/year/1000 total population, and it went down 0.48% from 2003 (Buisnessinder, 2009).

-Births decreased from 2007 to 2011(Buisnessinsider, 2011).

-Birth rate has a connection to economics (wzzm, 2011).

Conclusions and recommendations

-I learned that births rate can increase or decrease from the population.

-I learned that births have declined from 2007-2011.

-I learned that there is a connection between the birth rate and economics.

-Next, I would like to learn about how fertile women will survive without government help.

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