Title: The story of spam emails

This research will examine spam emails sent to the global population. This analysis is appropriate because it helps to understand how many spam emails are sent every second. This investigation can help people from getting spammed. This article will look at specifically spam emails and viruses.


Spam emails
In Andy Hansen’s Picture tells us how many spam emails are sent (spam emails are on slide 10). The spam emails are disguised advertisements and viruses.


In Andy hansen’s  power point slide tells us how many computers get viruses which is 1.2 million (on slide 7). This information helps provides insight on the quantity of viruses sent. https://hostingfu.com/article/fighting-comment-spams-there-gotta-be-better-way ,This link leads you to graph( to your right) that talks about how much spam emails(red) you get, and how much regular emails (green) you get.


Conclusions and Recommendations.
In this whole process I found out that there are 1.2 million viruses sent a year. I also found out that 1 laptop is stolen every 30 seconds in the slide show that we found other information in. For future research on spam emails, I would probably go more in depth on how many are sent per person, and how many people get viruses a day?

Plus, now I can learn about converting numbers to scientific notations. If I had a question about this statement I would ask, how many people are affected by spam emails