In 2000, there were 1 billion fertile women which increased by some number in 2100, and it eventually equaled to 4.5 billion fertile women. It is important to know information about fertile women because It makes the work of government easier.This helps the government because they have to know how much money they spend on the women. I will look at government spending on health care and global fertility rate.

Analysis and Discussion

U.S Spending on Health Care

The government spends 18% of the money on health care.

Global Fertility

 7-8 Children
6-7 Children
5-6 Children
4-5 Children
 3-4 Children
2-3 Children
1-2 Children
0-1 Children

This map shows that most of Africa have women with high rate of fertility (4-5 children).

Conclusions and Recommendation

Now i know have much money government spends on health care and global fertility rates.  This information can help parents balance their careers and families. Also, governments can know how much to tax people. The next thing I want to know is why is it important for the government to help women with birth rates.

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