I chose to study Beat Box, because it’s something different to think about and I never thought that I would listen to beat boxing. The elements I notice in beat box are singing, beats, mouth, and sometimes dancing.

I chose the metric (-u–u), because people that beat box make their own beats and come up with there own styles.

This poem/rap will help me with my grammar, because I wrote a lot that needs punctuation in it, so it will be a challenge.

My Poem/Rap:

Make a tweet about your beat.
Beat, beat make that tweet.
Tweet, tweet stomp your feet
Feet, feet now the beat is going to repeat.

Beat to the box

And the beat don’t stop
While I’m singing hip hop
Gotta looking at the clock
They don’t want me to stop
Cause I’m rapping hip hop
Mixing with beat box
I think I’m on top
telling a story through words
about things unheard
Leaving B.s to the birds

Raising up the bars
Cause I’m shooting for the stars
So you I’m flying far

Fly like planes
Getting money like Wayne
Driving hater insane
But they ain’t the one to blame

I got

Poetry running through my vain
Like tracks on the train
I’ve going through so much pain
Trying to break out of the chains
And cover up the shame
All the lies that remain the same
While trying to beat the game

My life just doesn’t feel the same

But I want this mess to remain unnamed
I’m burning with all these flames
That’s pop, locking, and dropping in my veins
Cause I know I’m not the same
Carrying all this pain making me weak
I can’t explain in words the way I think