I. Introduction

  1. A. The problem is that If we did not know the ratio of males to females in the world then the government could not supply the medical needs of our population

1. Medical needs as birth control, the amount of medicine being shipped to a certain country etc

B. This analysis is appropriate because it shows you the needs of government support for males and females in the world

C The importance of this problem is that you need to know the ratio of the genders so you can get a certain amount of supply’s and funds for certain diseases that apply only to one gender

D. The questions I hope to answer are

1. How do they find out the amount of males and females in the world

2. What are they doing to supply certain medicine for certain genders

II. Analysis and Discussion

A. The information provided is supplied by

    1. The National Institutes of Health



National Institutes of Health (NIH)  says that they will spend around $4,446,000,000 in 2008 for female-specific cancers (breast cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer) and $299,000,000 for men’s cancer (prostate cancer, testicular cancer), that is a ratio of almost 15:1 for women to men.

https://mjperry.blogspot.com/ 2011”

C. We have found that the amount of government funding for cancer is mainly for female-specific cancers.

1. There are 1.34 females with cancer to every male with cancer

2. Yet women receive almost 16.5 more funding for it rather than men



D.14 Men and Women die every minute because of cancer, it has the highest death rate other than Cardiovascular diseases.

                                                                                                                                                                 III. Conclusion and recommendations

     A. In my Conclusion I have found out that the major funding for gender specific cancers is targeted to female specific cancers mainly.                                                     1. Even though the cancer rate for females compared to males is a difference of .34


      B. Future research for the help of finding cures and treatment is essential to help the people in need. whether it be male or female.    

      C. I would recommend for government funding to help with cancer treatment and i believe that our schools can provide help as well