I chose to represent three Mongolian Throat Singing elements: the ocean, the knowledge and the birds. These elements are important in my poems because they represent where I am from: Burma, Chin state. I discovered that Mongolia is the same as Burma: their cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

This poem’s metric is mixed 1-12; mono to dodecasyllable to guide the rhythm, because some lines are very short and one line has one word.

This poem is connected to one of my goals in this class: to discover more about Global RAP. I chose this goal, because this class is about learning about yourself. I want to talk about my story by writing poems.

Here is my poem:

Bring the Freedom.
Feel my song from my heart.
Lift your voice to the air,
let the birds hear your voice.
Let your voice flow like the ocean
and I will be the ocean.
The ocean will be you.
I might quiet sometime,
you might loud sometime .

I am the bottom of the mountain.
But I am above the sky.
Come shine to me.
Hear my bottom of feeling
Let bright the whole world
The whole world is being darkness.
Serve those hungry,
Stop those fighting.
I am
That Wake up
The World
I Am Who??