Poem and piano music written and narrated by myself, LT.

The waltz music originated in Germany, and influenced many other countries. It was reinvented by many composers and applied in many types of ways, often for dancing. Here, I wanted to match it with the moods and the tones of the words I use, so that each tone you hear can match the types of moods the words establish. This was created to look into psychology aspects and principles in the perspectives of people who have suffered due to losses of any kind, or restrictions. During the holocaust of WWII, many faced the challenges of what occurred during the growth of the Eugenics Movement. Which occurred in Germany, surrounding countries, and even in America. Many people where mutilated, experimented on, separated, and exploited due to their modernized scientific system. These principles do not only apply to this history, but in much of what we see today when it comes to studying human behavior. We reject the beliefs of others because we do not understand them, or we determine intelligence based on the calculations that are easier to handle in large quantum. This was made in order to look into what people can relate to artistically, musically, and mentally when it comes to actually understanding these feelings. Because we still face it even today, in ways you may overlook.

Every aspect of these patterns are justified through the words and sentences I use. They play off of one another just as their format does in the letter-skeleton pattern. This incorporates the elements I want to use for explaining the rhythm and my connections to it; elements are the meanings of words.

Rhythms in music themselves can influence emotional and personal connections, and these the elements I use. Knowing how they are subjected into words, sentences, and their pattern. The piano keys become the appearance and sound, while the words explain them.

The way any person interprets music and its pattern can be given its own meaning, and it becomes the art of conversation. Learning how to connect the way we think to the function of music works develops a heightened understanding of ourselves, and how to brainstorm for successful accomplishment. It allows me to experiment with literature and the functions of words in order to create a meaning following its subject. This is what this study has taught me, and I feel more connected to understanding music for its principles of function, and how it can influence a way of thought. In the culture it was born from, and through its listeners.

Letters From a Forgotten Boy.

If not for your life,
Then cry for my sins.
I create your dreams,

For I am the Hands.

Just as hatred breathes love,
Paint me your storm.

I reflect the illusion,
Its presence dissolving.
I embrace your pain,

For I am the Lips.

Let your tongue mutter,
Words I taste so sweet.

What could be,
Why the world wishes to destroy us.
I can be only be what I am,

For I am the Ears.

Be steady not what you hear,
Listen to what is.

Brush against the edges of challenge,
Fall into the sea of your goals.
Look up into the clouded sky,

For I am the Eyes.

Let light cast down my joy,
Embrace the smile I give.

I am the Moon.
Show me your stars.

Cover them with mist.

So heart fades into madness,
But with a kiss I hush you into sleep.

For what begins
Another’s end.
Perfection in the eyes of sorrow
Paints only within desire.

For I may be a monster
This love has gone to bed.
My mind of ever spinning cogs
Tell the time ticks to the hour.

Seconds give birth to days
Days kiss the lips of memory.
Emotions that flourished
In remembrance to present,

Now forgotten
Silence my tongue
And bind my eyes.

Steady waters cool my flesh,
Through your reflection cast a shadow
My locks coiled and broken,
My eyes are hollowed pits.

This soul of mine to shatter
Has emptied into my own abyss.

I will forever howl to the sky
That casts light
As it falls to reality.

Of illumination,
Her face without a name
Angel I call
But only I touch the rain.

My hands create perfection,
This art is my keeping
Love grows to dampen the heart,
That I can no longer give.

If not all stars in the sky shine as brightly,
The clock strikes the 3rd
Just after numbers begin to change.

When all is clear your certainty lies
Awake in bed
You gaze at its wonder.

For whom G-d sped to guide,
Ever watching before we walk the earth together
To darken the light of day in life.

All is lost in forgiveness descended.
Based on moral judgment
For my sins wept
As the rain fell from the sky.

Will I lose you
My angel without a name.
Let your death be in peace

Love cannot cradle fate
Be still, my love
Be still
You and I can never be.