Stories are important because they are a way where anyone can put their imagination on paper and out into the public for everybody to see. Stories are a way to express yourself on paper and to others. Its a way where your imagination can take you as far as you want in a story. i could write a story about a dog who can talk and fights aliens on mars or a old man who’s life is coming to an end and is trying to complete his bucket list. Stories have endless possibility’s to go where ever you want them to go and that’s why stories are important. They are a way to express yourself in any shape or form you want on paper.

The author of “A gift from somewhere” uses the story telling device tone/voice to bring life into the story and to make the reader feel more involved in the story. Without the authors voice being heard in the story it wouldn’t pull readers in. It wouldn’t make the story matter as much to the reader. The voice of this short story brings you the feeling of hope and expecting for more positive things in life to happen. That’s why the tone of this short story brought me in and ultimately created a story that matters to me.

The short story “A gift from somewhere” teaches you to expect the unexpected in life and to never give up on something until it is truly done. The mother never gave up on her kid and now he is living a happy healthy life. Never giving up and always trying your best will almost always prevail in the end.

1. North-Clybourn (red): Erie
2. Addison (red): Fatigued
3. Belmont (red-brown-purple)
4. Clark/lake (brown-orange)
5. Midway (orange)
6. Roosevelt (orange-green): Halcyon
7. Bronzeville-IIT (green): Despairing
8. Sox-35th (red): Delightful
9. Jackson (red-blue): Panicky
10. Damen (blue): Drab
11. Jackson (blue-red): Enraged
12 North-Clybourn (red): Enduring