The purpose of this piece is to explore about the money, where it came from, and how money is important to people. In the Economic Fundamentals class we are studying about how to use money and why is important to us.

Why was the invention of paper money important?
The invention of paper money was important because you can buy anything you want or need. Using paper money is much easier than trading, because if you don’t have something to trade, you can’t get what you need.

What are some of the ways our lives would be different if  we had a trading system?

If we had a trading system, it would be easier to trade, you would not have to go to stores. It would be difficult to trade with other’s country stuff because some stuff is harder to carry around.

Would you favor the US copying the ideas from other countries for currency?

There’s nothing I favor about the US copying ideas from other countries for currency, because our history unique to us.