Crimes against humanity is a valuable class to be taking. Having the ability to learn about this you get the chance to understand the history and culture of the world as well get to see what mankind did to tear great culture and spirit down. I am able to get the chance to learn things about Chicago’s history, the world and even things about me for example the way I learn. The class got the chance to take a quiz and see what kind of learning style you had, I believe the advice given to you was very helpful and now I am able to use new techniques to help me succeeds in challenges that are thrown at me. It also teaches you about culture and how to be your own person which I Believe everyone deserves to learn, especially to be able to better yourself and to as well help make mankind better. In class we looked at the famous Picasso bulls and realized they resembled all the kids in our class, they were all unique and different and showed that they each had their own story. Which sounds a lot like my classmates. We are all different in our own ways as well as share our culture differences with the world. People pass up many opportunities for learning. We all over look the crimes and destruction can really help us learn valuable lessons from the past that we cant learn in a book as well help us all share our different cultures and our ideas. For example Maxwell Street definitely helped me better understand what crimes against humanity really is. By cutting down Maxwell street and building new fancy places for the college students to go to down by UIC, it destroyed a famous culture that will be pretty much impossible to get back. Yet i can guarantee you while these students sip on their Jamba-Juice and go into the new restaurants they don’t know what really happened on the ground they were standing on.Before all the world turned into a money eating world Maxwell street stood long and proud. The people of Maxwell street changed music history forever. The magic that was happening on this street i think is more way more valuable then any of the money producing places that are up now. We torn down a generation of music culture and many overpass how valuable and important Maxwell street was to people as well as the musicians who originally started on the this captivation street. We forget all about what culture is, now only to focus on the love for money, which I believe is a huge crime against humanity. We should be Restoring these unique places instead of tearing them down and letting them be forgotten. so hopefully by the end of this class I will be able to really appreciate my culture. I as well can enjoy the historical important places, objects and ideas that have come before me and turn them into my own ideas and dreams and share my unique thoughts with the people around me.