Reggae By: GL on PhotoPeach

For my rhythm I chose reggae, I knew a decent amount about this organic island sound and I just wanted to learn more. Reggae has a lot of natural beats and unique vocals which produces a profound sounding genre. I tried to figure out the 5 elements of Reggae and this is what my conclusion is, the first one are the Sub-genres of reggae which are able to to turn the original reggae music into something even more unique and original with a little bit of the artists own taste. The next element is reggae’s influence that it’s had on music when it was first created and even in today’s music and culture. Reggae taught people to stay powerful and be one with your culture as well as work with the natural sounds that gives reggae that originality. The third element is movement which is a crucial aspect of reggae sound, it gives off a loose natural native feel that makes you wanna sway back and forth like the palm trees planted in the white sand along the clear blue ocean waters. The fourth element is the ruff smokey powerful tone of singers voice, this element is what makes reggae such an unique rythem. The voice has a story to tell and they sure do their voices sound rare and like no other singers now and days. The final element would be ethnic, this is an extremely important element as well. I believe that this sums up most of the elements. Reggae is known as “Island Music” written by the natives of the island. So obviously it is going to be ethnic and represents their culture. By bringing the sounds of rocks clapping against each other, the waves crashing onto rocks along the beach, the natural smoked filled voices that sing of their own stories describes the ethnicity and unique culture they come from.

Dodecasyllable is the metric that Reggae has. The beat goes UU_UU_UU_ UU this is a pretty regular simple beat. The difference that Reggae has is the home-made natural organic sound. The elements of Reggae really match up with the tone, it has a lot of simple sounds which as well can sound natural. The movement of Reggae match up with the beat and makes you just want to sway back and forth with the island palm trees. The beat of Reggae can as well become more fast beat depending on what sub-genera is picked.

This poem connects to my goals in class because as in the music of Reggae i wanna be able to branch off on my own and create my sub-genera in other worlds be able to be unique with my work and as well always remember to keep it natural and my own.

Life of the Island
Jamaican blues runs through the streets
it matches up with a special beat.
Sitting on the island sand
looking up at the sun and the land
Knowing that music here is never banned
Sounds moving up the streets
Reggae makes the trees sway to the beats
We never want this to go away
it plays all threw out the day even til the sun goes away
It may even bring you tears
Looking up at the sun in the middle of May
These songs are sung by the small bay
Watching the waves crash to the beat
Listening to a natural sound
The calming voice that we have found
An unique powerful sounding voice
a special technique they use to feel the beat
Bringing this all together as one
the people of this island know their song.